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If you’re looking to start a party bus company, or already have one up and running, one of the most confusing processes can be getting insurance.  Most insurance agents have no idea on the Federal and State regulations required for insuring your party bus company.  However, there are a few agents and companies who know what they’re doing and would be more than happy to help you out.

That’s where we come in.  We’ve found the best agents across the country who know and understand the party bus business.  They know passenger limits and the difference between side-dump and rear-dump exhaust.  They know you’ll have people partying on the bus and won’t run away from the liability issues that party buses present.

So, if you have a fleet of 30 or you’re just starting out, we’ve made the process simple.  It’s doesn’t cost anything to use our service and you’re working with industry pros.

You could waste your time calling every insurance company in your city or you can team up with an insurance agent who’s eager to help your party bus business.

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